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Mexico Interesting Facts - Mexicada

Mexico Interesting Facts

The Spicier Side of Life: Unexpected Finds in Mexico

Did you know that Mexico is far more than just a country full of tequila shots, beach cabanas and telenovelas? That's right! It's also chock full of wildly interesting trivia that's as hot as a plate of enchiladas - and twice as fun! So, buckle up, *amigos*, as we dig into the spicy salsa bowl that is – Mexico.

Tacos, Tequila, and a Twist of Lime Mayhem

Let's start with a few food facts, because who doesn't love to eat? The first on our smorgasbord of trivia is the humble Mexican taco. Delicious as a midnight snack after one too many Margaritas, right? But did you know that the world's most expensive taco sold for a whooping $25,000? Now that's a seriously spicy splurge. This golden nugget of luxury was served up at the Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort, and featured a soft corn tortilla, with langoustine, black truffle brie cheese, and a dollop of gold infused salsa. Now, *amigos*, that’s no ordinary Taco Tuesday!

And speaking of splurges, did you ever stop to wonder how many tequila shots are knocked back each year? Globally, nearly 292 million liters of tequila were consumed in 2019. And just when you thought we were tequila-ed out, the global pandemic hit, and those figures rose even higher. Cheers to that!

Not Just a Pretty Face: Mexico's World Records

But Mexico isn't all about booze and fancy tacos. Oh no, this is the nation of world records. More specifically, the country is renowned for its Guinness World Records. Mexicans just love setting themselves apart – the proof is in the spicy salsa.

Did you know that the world’s largest pyramid isn’t in Egypt but in Puebla, Mexico? Move over pharaohs, Mexico’s Great Pyramid of Cholula is estimated to be the largest pyramid in the world, as well as the largest monument ever constructed. You'd need a whole heap of Mexican jumping beans to leap over that!

And let's not forget about the time when 457 people gathered in Guadalajara, performing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for seven minutes straight—breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest amount of people dancing to the iconic pop hit. Side note, their moonwalk skills were *mucho impressive*.

Choco-what? Mexican Sweet Wonders

While we are talking about marvelous Mexican facts, we cannot forget to wander through the sugary lane of its sweet indulgence: chocolate! Did you know that the Mayans were the first to discover the joy of chocolate? But wait, we're not talking about the Hershey’s variety. No, these ancient folk were sipping bittersweet cacao drinks way before the sweet-toothed Europeans rearranged the recipe. But even though today’s chocolate bears little resemblance to its ancient ancestor, we owe a big, fat *gracias* to dear Mexico for this divine contribution to our taste buds.

Sweet Home Chihuahua: The Land of Teacup Terrorists

Speaking of small, precious things that you just want to gobble up, let us move from the dining table to Mexico's contribution to the canine world, shall we? The smallest breed of dog, known to mankind, the ever so adorable Chihuahua, hails from Mexico. But don't let their cuteness fool you! These lapdogs with a large bark are far from your sweet cocoa butter. Some might say they’re the jalapenos of the dog world – small, but with a fiery bite.

The Day of the Dead - A Quirk of Life

In Mexico, they even have a celebratory twist to death: The Day of the Dead - or as the locals say, *Dìa de Los Muertos*. This isn't some dreary occasion filled with weepy eyed mourners. Instead, it's a vibrant celebration complete with technicolor skulls, frolicking skeletons and sugar-topped treats. Streets come alive (no pun intended) with parades, music, and a festival brighter than a thousand sunsets. It's a way to remember and appreciate their deceased loved ones in a way that’s as heartwarming as it's unique.

Mexican Sing Song: From Mariachis to Morrissey

Let's not forget one of Mexico's greatest gifts to the world of music: The Mariachis! Clad in charro suits, with instruments as lively and diverse as their songs, these street strolling musicians are a classic symbol of Mexican culture. But did you know that Mexico also houses one of the most devout fan bases of the English singer-songwriter, Morrissey? Yes, you heard that right. The land of balmy beaches, spicy food, and mariachi music has a soft spot for the melancholic tunes of Manchester’s mopey troubadour. Talk about a musical mashup!

So, there you have it - our romp through Mexico's more unexpected nooks and crannies. We've covered everything from luxe tacos and ancient chocolate, to moonwalking record holders and pint-sized pups. And that's just scratching the surface of this culturally rich and wonderfully eccentric country. As they say in Mexico, *viva la vida* - long live life!

Mexico's Quirky Contributions to Daily Life

Moving past pyramids, tacos, and public dances, let's delve into a few surprisingly sparkly gems in the Mexican treasure box that you might encounter in day-to-day life. Ever fanned yourself with a colorful, folding tool of art? You've got Mexico to thank for that. The humble hand fan, along with the sombrero we associate with Mexican fiestas, had its roots in ancient Mexico.

And if you're a fan of chewing gum, you can proudly say you've been savoring a piece of prehistoric Mexican culture! Chicle, the original base for chewing gum, was derived from the sap of the local sapodilla tree by the ancient Mayans. Without Mexico, is there even bubble gum?

Drive-in Volcanoes and Floating Gardens - No, We're Not Kidding

Come on, we're in Mexico - we must have a dash of drama, right? Brace yourself, because this country allows you to go for a casual drive - wait for it – inside a volcano! That's right, the ancient town of Paricutin houses a volcano that you can actually drive into, provided you've got the nerves of steel, of course. Forget the Grand Tour routes, this one's a fiery exaggeration unheard of!

And when you've had enough of the mainland madness, you can float away to tranquility on Xochimilco's colorful 'floating gardens.' These brightly colored gondolas, dancing on the ancient water channels, offer a unique glimpse into Mexico city's vibrant veins. Just watch out for the 'Island of the Dolls.' It's as creepy as it sounds, and while it may not be as fun as chomping a bubble gum, it surely adds a dark comedic twist to the otherwise serene waterways.

Kissing to Freedom: The Town Square of Love

Okay, we've touched fiery volcanic drives and creepy doll islands, so why not add a sprinkle of romance to zing it up? In the town of Guanajuato, legend has it, that if a couple does not share a kiss on the third step of the famous Callejón del Beso (Alley of the Kiss), they will endure seven years of bad luck. Time to pucker up, *amigos*!

The Bottom line: Not Your Average Jose

There you have it, the colorful panorama that is Mexico. Clattering mariachi bands, aggressive Chihuahuas, floating gardens, and a volcano you can drive into—not to mention, a taco that'll deplete your bank account. It's a roller-coaster ride of the unexpected; it’s a feast of trivia as zesty as its cuisine. So, whether you're intrigued by ancient pyramids that outsize Egyptian relics or you’re daydreaming about snacking on an overpriced taco, remember – Mexico is more than meets the tequila-glazed eye.

Next time when you’re watching a telenovela or sipping on a margarita, remind yourself of this journey through the spicy, sweet, and downright quirky facets of Mexico. And remember to pass the credit for your chewing gum to this vibrant nation. *Hasta luego*, until we meet again in another whirlwind fiesta of facts. *Adios* and *Viva Mexico*!

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