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Making a Claim of IP Infringement

Mexicada and its related entities (collectively, “Mexicada ”) respect the intellectual property rights of others and have set up the online IP Claim Form for IP rights owners or their agents to report fully legitimate claims of IP infringement, including patent, copyright, trademark and counterfeit claims

Please note, that in order to make a claim of IP infringement, you will be required to make a declaration, under penalty of perjury, that all the information that is contained in your claim is valid and accurate and that you are the IP rights owner or an agent of the rights owner. 

Repeat Infringer Policy: 
Mexicada takes appropriate action against parties it that have been categorized as repeat infringers. A repeat infringer is anyone who qualifies as such under the DMCA or who receives multiple claims of IP infringement and such claims are determined by Mexicada to be accurate and valid. Action may include, but is not limited to, removal of any material contributions or listings from the Mexicada Sites and suspension or termination of any relationship with Mexicada. 

When the policy is not enforced:
A manufacturer can sometimes enter into an exclusive distribution agreement with a particular seller of a given product; however, a violation of this agreement is not the subject of IP infringement. Under the IP laws of the US, rights owners may lose their rights to prevent the further sale of a product after the “first sale” by the manufacturer. Hence, the enforcement of exclusive distribution agreements will remain a matter between the seller/retailers and the manufacturer, and Mexicada is not responsible to enforce such agreements.

IP Claim Form