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Why Mexican Food Is The Best - Mexicada

Why Mexican Food Is The Best

A Love Affair with Tacos and Beyond

When life gives you lemons, slice those suckers up and squeeze them over some tasty Mexican food. I'm simply convinced that life's too short to deny yourself the tastebud tango that a classic enchilada will treat you to. Much like a melodramatic soap opera, Mexican cuisine does not do "understated". This is a vibrant, full-bodied food genre that proudly shouts "I'm here, I'm smoky, get used to it!"

The Gastronomical Limelight: Forever Mexican

If there were an Olympic sport for drool-inducing cuisines, Mexican food would step up to the podium, its cheesy quesadilla physique glistening in the glow of admiration. But why, you ask? Because my friend, Mexican food isn't just food, it is THE food, for so many deliciously crucial reasons.

Enlightened Self Interest: Why We All Crave Mexican Food

It's an uprising—one that your tastebuds rally behind. The enchanting collusion of flavors meld in your mouth with every bite, each layer revealing itself like the plot of a binge-inducing Netflix series. The sheer depth of Mexican food is what makes it so alluring; it's the marrying of saucy, spicy, tangy and sweet flavors that could make the steeliest of hearts, or stomachs, flutter.

The Perfect Trio: Spice, Sauce and Everything Nice

The first reason why Mexican food has us wrapped around its piping hot churros lies in the sauce—or rather, the sauces. You see, post-Mexican food consumption, you're not just left with a full belly, but an understanding that your life has been tragically under-sauced until this point. From the smoky ember hues of adobo, to the fresh zest of pico de gallo and the rich, earthy tones of mole - the sauces in Mexican cuisine are a Pandora's Box of culinary delight.

To up the ante, Mexican food plays the spice card beautifully. It's not about being numbingly hot, but savoring the perfect blend of smoky, spicy, sweet and tangy. It's the kind of heat that makes you swear and smile at the same time. Gosh, it's like getting caught in a heated exchange of witty banter with Ryan Reynolds.

The magic of this cuisine doesn't just lay in the dishes themselves, but the aftermath. There's no sadness when you reach the bottom of a taco—only the anticipation for the next one. And this, I believe, puts forward a strong case as to why Mexican food is the undefeated champion of grub.

But, friends, we've only just begun to unwrap the burrito of reasoning behind the supremacy of this culinary paradise. Buckle up your salsa belts, as we continue our journey into the heartland of Mexican gastronomy.

A Flamenco with Flavours: The Dance of Mexican Ingredients

A delicious culinary experience is like a dance—full of suspense, rhythm and the occasional toe-stepping. Mexican cuisine is no different; it's a flamenco of delectable flavours that quickly escalate into a food fiesta on your palate. Humble ingredients like tomatoes, corn, and avocados get a diva makeover, strutting their stuff in sexy salsas, torrid tamales and heated enchiladas.

Let's talk about the maíz, or corn. It's the Jennifer Lopez of the Mexican food world—versatile, enduring and oh so delicious to look at. Corn becomes tortillas, which become tacos and enchiladas; they become chips, which accompany the guacamole, and they even become tamales, which become our lunch, dinner, snack, and pretty much our reason to live.

Beans, Rice and Full-blown Addictions

Beans, be they pinto, black or refried, are the best friend you didn’t know your tortilla was missing. Coupled with rice, another staple, these powerhouses not only contribute towards a balanced diet, but also function as comfort food dialed up to gastronomical proportions. Indulging in Mexican cuisine is like being wrapped in a delicious warm burrito of comfort and love. And who doesn't want that?

All Things Nice and Incredibly Spice(y)

Mexican cuisine adds fuel to our 'spice is nice' ideology. Ever tried biting into a jalapeño only to discover it’s the food equivalent of an unexpected plot twist? You thought you were in for a juicy romp, only to be hit with a fireball of capsaicin? Well, that's Mexican food's style—always ready to surprise you, and let's be honest, our lives would be so tame without it.

Adding cheese to Meals is a Gouda Idea

For a cheese lover, Mexican cuisine is like living in a gouda dream. Whether it's 'queso fundido', a sinfully creamy melted cheese, or 'queso de bola', a flavour-rich Edam cheese, you're not going to escape the cheese avalanche this cuisine brings. The cheese is so good, it’s like a culinary encore deserving several standing ovations.

In Tacos We Trust: The Quintessential Mexican Dish

Ending friendships over the last taco—sounds far-fetched? Not in the realm of Mexican food, where tacos are the unifying symbol of harmony, the tasty treaty if you will. Tacos are the humble canvas upon which a variety of toppings come to life - be it beef, chicken, fish, or even cacti (yes, really).

Mexico knows how to wrap love, warmth, and comfort in a soft tortilla shell and serve it with a generous dash of zest and flavor. The heart wants what the stomach craves, and more often than not—it's a plateful of this joyful cuisine.

Now, wipe that drool off your chin—we have more to unwrap on why, dear reader, Mexican food is the best!

Chili Peppers: Raising the Red Flag in Flavour

Is it hot in here or is it just the chili peppers? Nothing spells out the spirit of Mexican cuisine quite like the glorious chili. Their name might be derived from “chil” which meant "bird" in the Nahuatl language, but don't be mistake, these are no tweety birds. They boast a wide specter of heat—from "spark the fire in your belly" to "burn, baby, burn" levels.

Mexico introduces us to a whole palette of these fiery divas—habanero, jalapeno, serrano—each with its unique heat and flavor profile. All integral in giving Mexican dishes their "wake up and smell the jalapeños" kick, they're the secret salsa ingredient your kitchen is calling out for.

Toppings: The Cinco de Mayo of Flavours

And here comes the grand parade of toppings. Mexican cuisine introduces us to the scrumptious world of guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, cilantro, and cheese. Dip into some guac, and it's like inviting your tastebuds to a fiesta. Pico de gallo adds a touch of tang that makes your tongue tango. The generous drizzle of sour cream sings serenades to the spice. Even cilantro, the chosen one among herbs - controversial for some, but for others, the crowning glory of many a Mexican dish!

Of Memories Served on a Plate: The Emotional Appeal

By now, judging by your appetite-inducing gaze, it's clear that Mexican food holds so many charms. Yet, one of the most understated aspects of this tantalizing cuisine is the emotional note it reaches. What ties all these ingredients, spices, and aromas together is the vigor with which Mexican food is prepared and shared. More than anything, Mexican food is about coming together—be it family or friends, it’s about the time spent together, converging over a shared love for good food.

No "Juan" Can Resist: The Epic Conclusion

In the words of an anonymous Wiseman, "there are two kinds of people in the world, those who love Mexican food and those who are wrong". With its riotous flavors awakening the senses, Mexican cuisine is a celebration, a gastronomic festival in the name of all that's good and scrumptious.

Surely by now, if words could satiate, all this food talk would have you feeling delightfully full, yet unexplainably craving, "Juan" more taco. And well, that’s its charm. It's hearty, rich, and always leaves you reeling for more. So, whether it’s Taco Tuesday or Fajita Friday, everyday is a good day for Mexican food—the undisputed best!

Gentle reader, this love story ends here, but as you know, the affair with Mexican food is a long and beautiful journey, that's best experienced with a slice of lime, a dash of salsa, and a whole lot of appetite. So, don't just read about it– go, eat, enjoy, because my friend, Mexican food really is the best!

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