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Mexico For Thanksgiving - Mexicada

Mexico For Thanksgiving

A Guacamole-Laced Thanksgiving Tale: Giving Thanks with Enchiladas

Thanksgiving, ah the hallowed holiday of turkey-induced comma's, rowdy family football games, distant relatives asking about your life choices, and endless cranberries. But what if, for one year, we swapped the turkey for tacos, the cranberries for churros, and the eggnog for margaritas? Loosen up your belt buckles and put on your sombrero, we're heading to Mexico for Thanksgiving!

Tequila, Not Turkey

Why not? Isn't Thanksgiving all about counting our blessings and showing gratitude? And don't we all feel super grateful when we've just feasted on enchiladas smothered with molcajete sauce and washed it down with a cold Corona (or a frosty margarita for the adventurously inclined)? Exactly. So bid adieu to the painfully long turkey-roasting times and say hola to a Mexican feast that's worth every ounce of gratitude we can muster.

A Pinch of History with Your Salsa

Did you know Thanksgiving is not an exclusively American holiday? Vie for the title of ‘The Know-it-All’ this family dinner by educating your kin on the 'Día de Acción de Gracias'. This is literally what the Mexican equivalent of Thanksgiving is called when translated into English. Pop that piece of trivia along with your taquitos and wait for the impressed nods and exclamations from 'round the dinner table.

Pie or Piñata

Let's take a moment to ponder one of life's greatest questions: Pumpkin pie or churros and chocolate? While your patriotic senses might repel at the thought of skipping the pie for something remotely untraditional, your taste buds would most likely do the Mexican hat dance at the mention of churros. Deep-fried dough rolled in sugar, served with a side of warm, melting chocolate is a treat hard to resist.

Stay tuned for how we plan to swap those tried-tested-but-slightly-tiresome Thanksgiving family games with something that’d guarantee laughter, chaos, and the best T-day snaps. Hint: It involves a bat, a blindfold, and some candy. How's that for a Mexican Thanksgiving twist? Dig in, folks! The fiesta is just getting started.

Fun & Fiestas: Thanksgiving Games, Mexican-Style

When Americans think of traditional Thanksgiving day activities, the mind effortlessly conjures up images of stuffing yourself silly with Aunt Patty's mushy mashed potatoes while waiting for the 3-hour-long parade to finish, or perhaps getting trampled in a game of backyard football with Cousin Vinny, known for his NFL fantasies! But, if you're willing to trade this for something a little more spicy, may we present to you, the Mexican way of strengthening family bonds. Behold, Thanksgiving games – the piñata edition.

Piñatas, Not Passes

Now, if replacing your turkey with a Tijuana T-Bone steak and stuffing with spicy chile relleno wasn't sinful enough, here's a sacrilege game. Swap that pigskin with a brightly colored, paper mache piñata stuffed with candy, and let the madness unfold! Trust us, there's nothing that screams 'family unity' quite like your Uncle Tom swinging a bat wildly while drunk on tequila, trying to hit a stubborn piñata. Sugar rush? Try a sugar avalanche post-piñata!

Charades Margarita Masquerade

Next on the menu, or rather game list, is the beloved game of charades — with a twist. The Margarita Masquerade requires each participant to hold their margarita firmly while acting out their word. Drop your drink, and you'll most likely face a tidal wave of laughter (and maybe some disgruntled margarita lovers). It's the perfect remix to the classic charades and a fantastic backup plan if the rainy weather dampens your piñata fiesta.

Twisty, Tango Turkey Trot

And last but not least, instead of the boring backyard marathon post-dinner to burn off a few calories, why not embrace the Mexican love for dance? Enter the Twisty, Tango Turkey Trot. Have everyone queue up — kids, mom, grandad, and yes, even your introverted teen cousin glued to their phone — and dance away thanksgiving a la Mexicana! Nothing wraps a fun-filled day quite like a family conga line!

So there you have it, a full-on Mexican style Thanksgiving that is likely to have you considering permanent shifts in your holiday traditions! The infusion of enthusiasm, color, and laughter certainly adds a zesty flavor. As you try to fend off laughs while Uncle John struggles to hold onto his margarita or as Grandma leads the Tango line, remember, it's all about embracing new experiences and creating delicious memories with your loved ones. As the Mexicans say, "Estamos agradecidos por el amor, la risa y las enchiladas!" or "We're thankful for love, laughter, and enchiladas!"

Peppery Potluck Over Mundane Mashed Potatoes

Have you ever slurped onto a spoonful of mashed potatoes and gravy and thought, "Meh! Needs more spice!"? We've heard your silent cry for help, and we've got an answer - the Mexican potluck!

Ask Grandma to swap her butter-loaded mashed potatoes recipe with a tangy guacamole dip. Imagine it: creamy avocados smooshed into a perfect blend of tangy lime, crunchy onions, and zinging spices, begging to be eaten with crisp nachos. Oh, and don't forget the salsa roja for that extra tang!

Turkey or Tacos?

Bit of a Thanksgiving conundrum, isn't it? How about both?! Marinate your turkey in a Mexican spice blend overnight, glaze it with mole sauce (a traditional Mexican sauce with a hint of cocoa to complement the bird), and roast it to perfection! Not feeling that adventurous? You can always set up a taco station with all the fixings - and trust us, there is always room for tacos!

Margaritas Over Mulled Wine

Let's be honest, Bev. Mulled wine induces sleep more than it induces festivity. Instead, whip out your cocktail mixer from the cupboard and shake up a zesty margarita! Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, a pinch of salt - and voila! You'll certainly feel the fiesta vibes when sipping on margaritas!

For the Purists: Thanksgiving Tamale

Mexican food isn’t an all-or-nothing deal. Twisted traditionalist? Check out tamales; it’s as authentic as it gets! These pockets full of joy boast a soft masa (corn dough) shell, stuffed with meat or cheese, and steamed to tender, tangy perfection. Tamale and Turkey? Why not?

Final Words from A Fiesta Fanatic

Thanksgiving Day, a day of food, family, and thankfulness, is celebrated in countless ways worldwide. Whether you're a traditionalist hooked to your cranberry sauce or a thrill-seeker yearning for something unique, this fusion of flavors and fun, Mexican-style Thanksgiving is bound to tickle your taste buds and your funny bone.

We’re embracing cultures, mixing traditions, and churning out a recipe for laughter, gourmet delights, and joyful memories that’ll last a lifetime. Turkey or Tacos, Pinata or Pumpkin pie, it's all about family and togetherness, after all.

So, go on, take a trip to Mexico this Thanksgiving, from your very home! Unbutton your jeans (or wear stretchy ones—no judgment here), fill your plates high, and laugh like you've fed on giggles. And remember, when your abuela questions the bizarre buffet spread, just roll your tongue and say, 'Es una tradición mexicana, Abuela!' Or simply, ‘It’s a Mexican Tradition, Grandma.’ Happy Mexican Thanksgiving, folks! Here’s to celebrating life, love, and most importantly, leftovers!

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