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How To Decorate A Mexican Party? - Mexicada

How To Decorate A Mexican Party?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you're planning a fiesta. Perhaps you're trying to outshine Martha from down the street whose last block party still has the neighbourhood jaw-dropping, or maybe it’s your first time hosting the annual family gathering and you want to make your in-laws rethink the whole "our child could have done better" chat. Whichever your reason, I've got you covered! This guide will teach you how to deck out your party-shindig in an authentic Mexican style, with a sprinkle of humour and an extra pail of confetti! Remember, though – while you might be a festive party-thrower, you're never a fiesta thief! Always show respect to the colorful history and traditions of Mexico!

The Colour Fiesta

Let's start with the basics - colors. In Mexico, there is no such thing as “Too much colour.” Use the entire spectrum! The more colours you use, the closer you get to hosting your party in Mexico itself, minus the airfare. Drape your living area in bright banners, vibrant tablecloths, and maybe employ a pinata or two for good measure. If it looks like a rainbow exploded in your house, then you’re on the right track.

Party Food to Tango For

No Mexican party is complete without food that makes you spontaneously spring up for a samba. From tacos to tortillas, burritos to enchiladas, the mouthwatering Mexican cuisine is your secret weapon to create a truly unforgettable bash. Impress your friends with home-cooked dishes - just be sure to remember to warn Bob, your spice-averse friend, about which salsa packs a punch.

The Mariachi Commandments

Music is as important as the food and colors in a Mexican party. There's just something about Mariachi that makes you want to put on a wide-brimmed sombrero and break into dance. So, dust off that old guitar and let’s get started. Oops, that's already 400 words! But don’t worry, we've only just begun. This fiesta has a lot more to unfold.

Engage in a Fiesta of Games

Games are the cactus juice of any good party – they enliven it and have a good chance of leaving you cheerful (or in this case, possibly embarrassing yourself in a limbo contest). Providing some traditional outdoor games like the 'Toss the Sombrero' or 'Hit the Piñata' keeps everyone entertained, and let's face it, nothing screams 'Mexican Fiesta' more than grown adults scrambling for candy from a piñata!

Salsa Your Way to Success

Dance is just as vital to Mexican culture as sombreros, so why not incorporate it into your shindig? Unless you're related to 'two-left-feet' Jimmy, learning a few salsa steps can really jive up your party atmosphere. And for those who are rhythmically challenged, remember that you're hosting the party and therefore immune to judgement (Well, not legally, but let's pretend, shall we?).

Setting the Scene with Serapes

Think Mexican backdrop and... serape comes to mind, right? Of course, it does! This beautiful striped blanket is a staple décor in any Mexican-themed event. It's versatile – use it as a tablecloth, or drape it over the couch, or better yet, how about a fashion accessory? Nothing shouts "I know my Mexican fiesta" louder than a guest wrapped up in a serape, margarita in hand!

Drink Up with Mix n' Match Margaritas

Lastly though equally important - the drinks. And by drinks, I mean Margaritas! Get creative with your booze. Try a build-your-own margarita station. Let your guests experiment with a mix of traditional lime and mixtures like strawberry or peach. Just remember to keep the water on hand to douse any fiery mouths after munching on those spicy salsa dips. So, while the mariachi plays, and your guests are busy making memorable (if slightly embarrassing) dance moves, take a deep breath and sip your margarita. You've just thrown a successful Mexican party!

Guest Appearance: La Llorona

No, I don't mean literally inviting the weeping woman of Mexican folklore to your party. Waking up to the sound of sobbing with a specter in a white dress lurking is not an ideal end to your Mexican party. But spicing up the evening with a little ghost-story session could be fun! And if your guests are really brave, why not take them out for a night-time game of hide-and-seek... in the dark. Just make sure there aren't any deep ponds nearby. We don't want any unexpected Llorona impersonations!

The Golden Sombrero Award

Every party needs an award and what better than a Golden Sombrero? Make your guests work for it! Set out a list of tasks or mini games throughout the night and the guest who excels in the most, wins the coveted golden sombrero. It may not seem like much, but when it's 2 AM, and everyone's arguing over who gets the last tortilla, the one with the golden sombrero is King (or Queen)!

A Fond Adios!

Finally, top off your unforgettable Mexican party by giving your guests a hearty send-off. Whether they're waltzing out with taco crumbs in their hair, wrapped in a serape, or drowsily moving out after one too many margaritas, make it a point to ensure that they all feel as appreciated as a tortilla at a fiesta. Remember that the tango isn’t over until you’ve said adios!

Fiesta Like There's No Mañana

So take a deep breath. By now you should be festooned with paper flowers, your feet sore from dancing, your voice hoarse from laughter, and your heart full of joy. And guess what? You've pulled it off. You've thrown an authentic, memorable, delightfully noisy Mexican party, and Martha... well, Martha will have to brush up on her fiesta skills! Now, dust off that sombrero, pack up your maracas, and get ready to rest. After all, tomorrow is another day, and who knows, there may be another party awaiting!

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